Our Manifesto

Access to financial services should be simple! It isn’t…..

People struggle to find the financial assistance they require. Unserved due to the lack of reach. Unserved due to the lack of options, not knowing that when one lender says no, there maybe others who would happily lend . Unserved due to small ticket sizes. Unserved because of the inability of systems and processes to match customer profiles with risk appetites and lending models. Many are unable to enter the financial services mainstream because they are not in the distribution mainstream. When in need, they don’t know where to go or how to go about it.
Unreached because it is so inconvenient . Unserved mostly because distribution systems are legacy despite processing systems having turned digital.

We are on a mission to simplify and empower the distribution of Financial products.

To make it simple and convenient, so that a service provider is there in every neighbourhood. Simple so that there customer journeys are assisted. Simple so that customers always has a choice. To make it productive, value accretive and remunerative to the distribution channels so that they can reach out and provide solutions.

We are a group of IT professionals , Senior Bankers, Risk Management veterans data scientists and distribution specialists committed to transform the way credit and financial products are distributed . We seek to bring about a radical change in the way financial services are distributed so that every individual has access to financial services whenever they want it, wherever they want it. Technology holds the key!