Flocamo for Direct Selling Agents (DSAs)

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Flocamo’s powerful algorithm-driven platform is simple to use. You can bring your entire network of connectors and sub-partners within the ambit of Flocamo. Flocamo enables you to receive leads from across your channels, ensure end to end fulfilment while make sure that the application is complete in all respects. Flocamo facilitates document upload and facilitates multiple products from multiple financial institutions. So that you can ensure that you are always able to provide the best suited product to your customers.

Transform your business to a multi-product
multi-bank paradigm

Our deep understanding of how the Financial services industry and DSA networks work has been the foundation of the development of our platform. Our systems have been developed with the requirements of DSAs in mind and can help them get much better results, approvals, and productivity from their teams and connector networks.

The Flocamo advantage

  • Move to a digital platform with the ability to connect your entire distribution network on a single system and platform.
  • Track and monitor applications, employee productivity, document status, and application data capture.
  • Track and monitor application status.
  • Online credit bureau report for applicants, credit verification, data capture, and document collection.
  • Most suited lender selection and ability to log in with more than 60 banks, Fintechs, NBFCs, and Financial Institutions.
  • End to end digital journey for the customer.
  • Digitally connected with banks for application fulfillment and submission.
  • Ability to sell multiple products from multiple banks!
  • Easy on-boarding for partners.

The front end to Finance

  • You will be provided with your own login credentials and ID.
  • Your customer or network partners can originate the lead themselves by filling in the applicant details and the customer completing the OTP verification process.
  • Your interaction with the customer will remain the same, so that you clearly understand the customer requirements and documents available and you can assist the customer with lender selection.
  • You can originate a link for customer to upload the required documents.
  • Centrally review quality and correctness of documents.
  • You can submit the document either on your own code or on our code with 60+ banks.
  • Once the application is submitted to the bank for decisioning you can monitor the application till you are intimated regarding the disbursement.
Our technology platform will significantly improve your distribution capabilities and transform your business with higher productivity, the ability to distribute diverse products from multiple banks, and will result in strong approval rates and higher revenues while bringing your business directly into the digital future.

Transform the effectiveness of your sales executive

Move from a single product single lender system

to a multi-product multiple lenders distribution system

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