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Flocamo’s powerful algorithm-driven platform breaks down silos and sales specialisation to enable everyone at your branches/ outlets to sell all your retail financial products. The unique front end of the platform is designed to empower. With in-built distribution hierarchies, a robust sophisticated and a parameterisable credit decisioning engine and the ability to integrate into your banking platforms and workflows, Flocamo will transform your branch banking infrastructure. Flocamo™ creates front end capabilities for every sales person to originate Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Savings Bank Accounts, Current Accounts, Gold Loans, Vehicle Loans, Gold Loans, Bancassurance and any other product you would like to add to your bouquet of products.

Transform your branch employees into
multi-product specialist!

Our deep understanding of Banking and the Financial services industry has been pivotal in developing the Flocamo™ platform. We understand the silos that exist and we can help you overcome them. The key is really that while the front-end gets transformed , the workflows can still feed into the existing backend structures and platforms. All the credit and product rules reside in maintainable and parameterisable tables in the front end allowing the organisation to exponentially grow productivity.

The Flocamo advantage!

  • Move to a digital platform with the ability to connect your entire distribution network on a single distribution platform.
  • Track and monitor applications, employee productivity, document status, and application data capture.
  • Track and monitor application status within your own organisation to measure processing efficiency.
  • Online credit bureau, credit verification, data capture, and document collection.
  • Sophisticated decisioning engine with rules set at the front end.
  • Product specific journeys with complete front decisioning capabilities.
  • End to end digital journey for the customer.
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Breaking down silos and the constraints of needless specialisation

Transforming how your branch network works

Existing branch networks are steeped in legacy processes. Flocamo™ will transform this paradigm forever. Integrate your back-end digital capabilities with the cutting edge front end technology of Flocamo

Discover how Flocamo™ is transforming branch banking distribution for Banks

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