Banks, Financial Institutions & Direct Sales Agencies

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Transformational Technology . Empowering Distribution
The Front-end to Finance

Multi Product Front-End
Instant Decisioning
100% API Coverage
Swift Integration

Technology built to Enable:
API friendly and on the cloud

Our Platform is designed to comprehensively integrate with your existing platforms, processes and workflows.
  • Cloud Based
  • Modular Design
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Performance maximization and inbuilt scalability
  • Strong Backup - near 100% uptime
  • API intensive
Simple Onboarding and Adoption

Inbuilt Distribution Hierachy

QR code enabled organisation

Front-end credit Decisioning

Comprehensive Credit Rule Engine

Parameteriesed Credit Management

Credit Report facilitation

Self managed or Assisted journeys interoperability

Multi Product/Multi-organisation capabilities

Most-suited lender facilitation

Multi-point document upload and capture

H     Why should every Branch employee sell
just 1 product?
Flocamo empowers your workforce to do more. Why shouldn’t a Wealth Manager be able to sell loans? Why shouldn’t a Personal Loans specialist solicit Savings Account. Transform your workforce through Flocamo’s intuitive and user friendly interface . Every employee can be enabled and empowered with Flocamo!

So many stores, outlet and retail chains already bank with us. How can I make them distributors of my products?.
With Flocamo™ every outlet is potentially a distribution point for your businesses. Flocamo can transform your distribution capabilities by enabling any outlet or any person to be a part of your distribution network
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Why are my Sales
Executives not
more productive?
Let’s face it. Organisations depend on Sales agents to grow its business. However productivity of the Sales executive is always a cause of concern, especially for the viability of the channel. Flocamo can transform your agencies and executives to help them sell more efficiently and profitably.
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Flocamo is helping organisations transform the way distribution is done. Your organisation could also be a part of this change
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